Update to Hybrid In-Person + Zoom Meeting for Worship

Aquinas College has announced that they are no longer requiring that masks be worn indoors at their campus facilities, although groups that meet in their buildings can still set their own policies. Since September, 2021 we have been having in-person worship in a “hybrid format” at the Aquinas Browne Center. At our Meeting for Worship with attention to Business in April, the decision was made to continue encouraging Friends to wear masks indoors at the Browne Center, and we are still requesting that those attending in-person be vaccinated for Covid19.

Friends who wish to join us in-person on Sunday will worship in the Living Room space at Browne Center as we were doing before the pandemic. Friends who wish to continue attending virtually will connect with a Zoom invitation as we have been doing since March of 2020. There will be a projected image at Browne Center of those attending virtually for those attending in-person, and those attending by Zoom will be able to see everyone gathered at the Browne Center.

Meeting for Worship will be conducted as we have been doing, with Friends entering into Silent Worship at 10:30. At 11:00 the Clerk will read a Query for all to consider during the second half of Worship. At 11:25, the Greeter will ask for “prayers, concerns, joys to share or further ministry left unspoken“. At 11:30 the Greeter will ask; “are Friends clear?” which indicates the rise of Meeting. The Clerk will then conduct a Friendly Check-in allowing each person in attendance, whether virtually or in-person, to give a brief update on how they are doing and anything happening in their lives that they wish to share. This has become a tradition during our Zoom worship that we wish to continue.

Please plan to join us on Sunday, either in-person or by Zoom.