What would you like to explore with us?

Our community might be small, but we’re active! We’re blessed with engaging discussions, book groups, fun gatherings, and presentations – or at least some of us find these engaging.

What would engage you?

We’re collecting ideas and suggestions for Fall 2019 programs, discussions, gatherings, and book group readings.

We’d like your input! In fact, we value it.

Whether you’re a regular at Meeting or come only once in a while or haven’t even met us yet but are thinking of paying a visit sometime – we’d like to know what topics would get your attention?

Some recent suggestions have included small group dinners once a month and more holiday gatherings. Suggested topics to explore further have included Jesus and Liberal Quakerism, how Quakers read the bible, where unprogrammed Quakerism is heading … one book suggestion is God is Not One, by Stephen Prothero – a book on comparative religion and religious diversity.

If you have ideas, thoughts, or book suggestions – let us know! Reach out to Gregory at gregory@gregorygronbacher.com.