Meeting for Worship

Friends meet in silence to worship God. In the silence, pressures of the everyday world recede and we enter into communion with the Holy Spirit. We bring our burdens, prayers, thanksgiving and praise, offering them to God. In the silence, we seek to become aware of the presence of God. It is not so much a time of thinking as a time of being receptive — of silent listening — of waiting for the spirit of God to enter into our being.

Out of this silence, a worshipper may be prompted to share aloud a word of prayer or praise, voice a concern or query, or express a spiritual insight. We interpret this as the Light of God’s Spirit entering into our lives.

We come to Meeting not with prepared sermons, but with prepared hearts and minds made ready by our endeavor to live daily in the Spirit. We find the experience of worshipping together in the manner of Friends to be nourishing to our daily lives. We believe this way of worship helps us grow toward lives of inner peace and toward increasing love for all God’s children.

Everyone is welcome at our meeting for worship. Membership is open to fellow seekers of the spiritual life who feel at home with us.