World Quaker Day 2021

World Quaker Day – 2021

Grand Rapids Friends Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA has just recently returned to a hybrid in-person Meeting for Worship format, with several people gathering at the Aquinas College Browne Center and others attending virtually by Zoom. On World Quaker Day, Sunday, October 3rd, eleven Friends attended virtually and four in-person. Our Meeting portrait shows those 15 smiling faces. You can see the smiling twinkle in the eyes of those with masks.

Though our World Quaker Day celebration was simple, our time together was heartwarming and the sharing of Friends during and after Worship was heartfelt, as always. We are all doing what we can to keep each other healthy and safe, while keeping our small Quaker community vital. Friends have joined us from all over Michigan and from many places around the U.S.

We continue to hold all of you in the Light, all over the world!